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Booked Out Trailer Launch

This is my first blog in its new home “Bryan Makes Films” which used to be the Booked Out Diary. I decided to move it away from Booked Out so I could blog about other things as well as Booked Out and also to move it onto a blogging platform to take advantage of all the built in blog features rather than the old version which was essentially coded from scratch. I want to write about all the things that I released last Friday as part of the Booked Out Trailer Launch Day and let you know my thoughts on it all. It feels like I haven’t slept for weeks but was really great to finally put everything together.

The Trailer

You have probably all seen the trailer by not but if not then check it out below and let me know your thoughts

I have had some great feedback via email on facebook, twitter and YouTube which is great. There hasn’t been one negative comment (yet!). It felt like I was unveiling my baby to the world so there was a lot of trepidation to let it out there and once its out you can’t stop it.

Making the trailer was also an interesting experience… trying to condense a feature length film into 90 seconds is really hard work. I knew that I didn’t want it to be one of those trailers that give away the whole story and all the best bits as for me there it really devalues the film. It was also important to get across the tone of the film as well so that the audience get an idea of what it might be like to watch the film without giving the game away.

It would be great to hear your thoughts!


I had been wanting to give the website a makeover for quite some time and the trailer launch gave me the perfect opportunity. I made the decision to make the website an information site and to use facebook/twitter as a place to collaborate and talk with everyone interested in the film so in some ways we tightened up the amount of content on the website and added new areas to the facebook fan page. I will talk about the new facebook bits and pieces in a second but I just wanted to say thanks to Kimi Baek who did the graphic novel drawings that I used as part of the background collage for the site. Kimi did all of the artwork for Ailidh’s room in the film as well and I think you’ll agree that it has its own unique little feel to it.

In terms of new facebook we have the following new content:

  • Lots of new production photographs – I finally got round to organising and cropping all the pictures we had from the shoot and decided to put them all into facebook albums. I think even the background shots give a sense of the film as well as the hard work and dedication that has went into making it.
  • New Cast and Crew pages – These are copies from the website but slotted into facebook. If anyone is bored then ask me how to do this as its a bit fiddly to make it look right. It always annoyed me that if you found the film on facebook that you wouldn’t have the same details as the website as you are forcing the audience to look at two different sites if they want to check out your film.
  • Score – Mark West of the Lost Cavalry and Derek Yau put together a really cool score for the film and we decided to put it online for you all to listen to. Thanks to the guys for a great job and to Mark for preparing all the songs for the website. Sure they would love to know what you thought of them.
  • Soundtrack – I spent about four months scouring the internet for music for the film and the results of this is a pretty exciting collection of tracks that you can watch YouTube videos for. I will talk about each one individually in the coming weeks but check them out.
  • Wee pictures – The little images next to the links for these on facebook I came up with as well… its meant to be a smiley Polaroid pictures. This was done at about 3am one night when I thought it was a great idea and it stuck ever since.


So that only leaves this blog as the last piece of the puzzle. This is the part where I say I’m going to blog lots now and no one really believes me! I am hoping having the blog using blogging software will make it easier for me to write blogs and therefore for them to come out more often. Heres hoping!

Whats next?

The one question I get asked more than ever just now is when will the film come out and where will it be shown. We have submitted the film to a number of film festivals and will hopefully hear news soon from them. We are also in discussion with a few distributors about actually getting the film out there but these are still early days so I don’t imagine a release date will be set for a little bit but I am as keen as you are for the film to get out there but we need the right people to do that for us.

Personally I have started writing another film which is still forming in my head as you read this but I am hoping to write about this on this blog over the coming months.

  1. July 4, 2011 at 8:27 am

    First I thought you had completely deleted the whole blog part from the film website, but now I’m glad to find it here because I think it was a really really good idea to show how you actually make a film and to present the people who are working on it. For me, the film has now gotten not only the faces of the actors, but the faces of the whole crew. I really enjoyed reading your blog on Booked Out almost from the very beginning and I think I seldom have been waiting for a film release like I am waiting for this one. The trailer was hilarious and very appealing, I watched it with a big smile on my face. I have posted an entry about Booked Out in my own blog, too, and maybe it gets you some more admirers😉

    • July 4, 2011 at 9:23 pm

      Hi Kira, Lovely blog you have going on… particularly loved the drawings in your wee notebook! I’ll keep a look out for some new blog entries and hopefully I will blog a bit more these days too. Bryan

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